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Wherever you want to go with your business, we can show you how to use the cloud to get there faster, more efficiently, more effectively. It’s what we do.

Benefits of Cloud Migrations

Moving your workloads to the cloud can be easy, when done right. A typical cloud journey starts with an analysis of the current environment, future needs and a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA).
A proper planning by following the best practices of the Cloud Adoption Framework will help in the further project execution and provide clarity throughout the process.

Atomic Computing as your AWS Partner of choice can help you apply best practices to make your cloud journey successful and seamless.

Mobilize your organization

Atomic Computing helps you throughout your modernization journey in the cloud. Be it an assessment workshop, workload migration to the cloud, modernization or extension of your existing environment or a new application you would like to develop in the cloud.

  • Cloud Migration and Modernization
  • DevOps and Automation
  • Serverless, Containers & Microservices
  • Security and Compliance

8 Business Drivers for Migrating to the
AWS cloud

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is the most popular migration motivator, as retiring legacy infrastructure in favor of more efficient AWS solutions is virtually certain to bring costs down, along with many other benefits.

Agility & Staff Productivity

Flexible AWS architecture improves business agility, while automation allows staff to increase the pace of innovation and dedicate more time to important tasks.

Improved Security

Migrating to AWS hardens security to help protect against attacks, define and manage access policies, and prevent unauthorized disclosure and modification using encryption and policy-driven controls.

Hardware/Software End-Of-Life

Many organizations migrate to AWS due to the end-of-life of their licensing. These companies see the cloud as a way to improve depreciating capabilities.

Data Center Consolidation

Organizations can spend less time managing data centers and more time running their businesses by migrating to AWS.

Digital Transformation

Migrating to AWS helps businesses achieve digital transformation by boosting agility, enabling broader use of advanced technologies, and facilitating culture change.

Going Global Quickly

AWS customers gain access to a global network of data centers—enabling rapid, strategic scalability. AWS also makes it easier to integrate digital assets, shortening and streamlining M&A procedures.

New Technologies

Migrating to AWS is a more economical and practical solution for meeting the data storage and computational requirements of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning and internet of things.

7R Migration Strategy

How We Can Help

If you’re not in the cloud already, chances are you’re falling behind. If you are in the cloud, are you realizing its full potential? No matter where you are in your cloud journey, Innovative Solutions can get you where you need to be…ahead of your competition.

Our happy clients

Sarah M. CTO at Tech Innovators Inc.

Atomic's DevOps solutions have completely transformed how we work. Their expertise with AWS made the integration smooth and effortless, boosting our efficiency tremendously. We're thrilled with the results!

John D. Operations Manager at Digital Solutions Ltd.

Moving our data seemed like a huge task, but Atomic made it so easy. Their professional team and deep knowledge of AWS turned a stressful process into a seamless experience. We highly recommend their services!

Emily R. CEO at Global Enterprises

Thanks to Atomic's mobilization services powered by AWS, our business operations have become incredibly agile and responsive. The transition was smooth, and the support from their team was fantastic. We're very happy with the outcome!

Michael B. IT Director at NextGen Technologies

We needed help with our DevOps, and Atomic delivered beyond our expectations. Their AWS expertise helped streamline our processes, making our infrastructure more robust and scalable. Their team is simply outstanding!

Lisa K. Project Manager at Enterprise Solutions Group

Atomic handled our data migration with such precision and care. Their AWS-powered solutions ensured we had minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. We're extremely satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them to anyone!